Ashford Univrsity Worksheet completed

  1. You will be filling out the Exploring My Personality Worksheet form to complete the assignment. To save it to your computer, use the following instructions:
  2. In Part A of the worksheet for the “Typefocus 4-Letter Personality Type,” identify each personality characteristic you have (Introverted/Extroverted, Sensing/Intuitive, Feeling/Thinking, Judging/Perceiving) as determined by completing Step 1 of the TypeFocus assessment.
  3. List a few characteristics of the personality type using the descriptions provided by the TypeFocus assessment under “Personality Theory”: What Your Four Letters mean.
  4. Choose a level of preference clarity (very clear, clear, somewhat clear) as indicated by the TypeFocus. An explanation of these descriptors can be found by clicking on the dropdown box below the Preference Clarity Graph where it says, “What Your Preference Clarity Scores Mean”. In one to two sentences, explain your choice of preference clarity.

1.Complete Section B by answering the question in at least three to five sentences.

2. In Part C of the worksheet, for My Top 3 TypeFocus Interests and Values, list three interests and three values in the designated areas of the table.

3.Complete Part D by answering each question in at least two to three sentences. Provide enough detail to demonstrate your understanding about the influence that personality, values and interests have on career choice.

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