Applied research methods to criminal justice

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Applied research methods to criminal justice

3. Dr. Ellis would like to study the association between age, drug use and crime among adult offenders using secondary data analysis. Describe how she might accomplish this by defining the variables she would use as the independent and dependent variables, what level of measurement the variables would need to be, the research and null hypotheses, and what sort of tests of association she might use.  




4.  Marymount is interested in doing a quality of life survey among MU female professors of varying years of experience. In order to obtain a sample that is representative of the female faculty of MU, which would be the best sampling methodology to employ? Briefly describe how this might be done. Are there any ethical considerations the university might need to address in this study? If so, what are they and how might they be addressed?




5. Currently, there are some 750,000 civilian contractors on furlough. Assuming they make an average salary of $65,000 (SD = $23,000). If we wanted to estimate with 95% confidence, the annual amount of money being saved[1] by this furlough, where would our estimate lie?


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