Anthropology Essay

Deadline: Saturday April 19, 2014 at 1700hrs Pacific Standard Time




Topic: Define, compare, and contrast the political economy perspective and the disease ecology perspective. Then use the political economy perspective to explain epidemiological polarization as per Mountains Beyond Mountains and in contrast to the idea (which you also must explain/define) of epidemiological transition.

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Word Count: 500.

Specifications for Format and Style


Citations and bibliographies

The essays will demonstrate your command of material assigned as ‘required reading’ for the course. In the context of this course, everyone is expected to know the material well. Therefore, to expedite the essay process, citations and bibliographies are not required—although you may wish to include them for future reference. However, if you decide to go beyond what is required—if you use any information in the paper that you did not learn from our own course materials or that is not, for us, common knowledgethen you must include citations and a bibliography.


In your essays, you may not use quotations. This ‘no quotes’ requirement exists because paraphrasing supports better understanding of a topic than does copying and pasting in quotations. Use of quotations will be penalized (see rubric).


At the top of the paper, please (a) copy/paste in the question you will be answering (yes, the entire question, starting with the letter it has been assigned), and when you complete the paper please (b) type in your final word count, in square brackets (e.g., [Word count: 494]), after the title. Direct your software to begin counting words after the title (begin with the very first word of the actual paper). In the word count, include citations and everything else up to the bibliography heading.

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