answer the following in 5 pages apa style

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answer the following in 5 pages apa style

Practicum Project

This project is an opportunity for students to apply the ideas and concepts they have learned in 

the class to “real-life” situations and practice their analytical skills. The goal of the project is to 

research a company and study its behavior in the global economy.

The practicum project consists of two parts. In part one, each student will choose a real 

company and will analyze its activities. The results of this research will be written up in an essay 

(minimum five pages) addressing the following questions:

1. Describe the company.

2. What is the company’s comparative advantage in the global marketplace?

3. How does the company deal with the challenges of determining supply and demand to find the 

balance between shortage and surplus of its products?

4. Who are the main competitors of the company, what are their weak and strong sides? How 

does the company compete with them?

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