All Finance Department personnel at SSC headquarters and business unit locations and also controllership personnel gain access to SSC’s accounting…

All Finance Department personnel at SSC headquarters and business unit locations and also controllership personnel gain access to SSC’s accounting data when they are onsite by logging onto the SSC network using their network ID, password, and their company-issued computer. Alternatively, Finance Department personnel can work remotely and gain access to accounting data via SSC’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) on their company-issued computer or personal computer. After logging onto the VPN, Finance Department personnel then have to use their network ID and password to gain access to the SSC network. Accounting data is available for all finance personnel 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Within the Finance Department, only authorized personnel can have access to certain data files. Each quarter, the application owner review access authorizations based on users’ job responsibilities. Inappropriate, unused or unnecessary authorizations will be investigated by the application owner. SSC Headquarter Finance Department personnel monitor SSC’s business unit activity by reconciling subledgers to the GL (general ledger) and by comparing month-end account balances to budgeted amounts. SSC Headquarter Finance Department personnel inform the liaison at the responsible business unit of significant variances. Each business unit has a Finance Liaison (at the physical location of the business unit) who investigates inquiries from Finance Department personnel at SSC headquarters. To ensure the completeness of inventory, the liaison at the business unit also manually inspects the EDI receiving report files for goods received before the current-reporting-period end date to determine whether inventory received is recorded. Additionally, the liaison performs a review of the goods-received-but-not-invoiced report for their business unit in order to confirm the accuracy of liability accruals. Accruals by the business unit liaison are reviewed and authorized by Finance Department management at the business unit before accruals are uploaded to subledgers. The Controller reviews the account reconciliation before the expenditure cycle is finalized. Any reconciling items noted by the Controller must be investigated and resolved. Prepare your internal control flowchart for SSC based on the SSC narrative provided above. Your internal control flowchart should detail login procedures, application owner procedures, SSC headquarter personnel, SSC Business Unit personnel, and Controllership functions.

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