Accounting Week 3 Assignment

Accounting Week 3 Assignment

Data are gathered regarding the length of tenure top executives have at a major corporation and whether those executives have been divorced.  The Human Resources department is evaluating this data to drive decision-making in regard to their hiring process.  The data for eight executives is as follows:


Tenure                                                              Divorce

1. 9.0                                                                      No

2. 9.5                                                                      No

3. 11.0                                                                   Yes

4. 11.5                                                                   Yes

5. 10.0                                                                   Yes

6. 9.75                                                                    No

7. 10.0                                                                    No

8. 10.25                                                                 Yes


In a three to five page paper, excluding title page and reference page(s), answer the following questions to analyze the data.  Include clearly labeled calculations, if applicable.  Calculations conducted in Excel must be copied and pasted into the Word document.  This paper should be formatted according to APA guidelines outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

What’s the most appropriate procedure for evaluating the relationship between tenure and divorce?

What is the correlation and how can it be interpreted in terms of magnitude, direction and practical importance?

How much of whether executives have been divorced can be accounted for by their length of tenure with the organization? How much of tenure can be explained by whether there has been a divorce?

Make a logical argument for why lengthy tenure may be causing divorce.

Make another logical argument for why divorce may be causing lengthy tenure.  


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