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Part 1 of the project, due at the end of this unit, requires you to describe and flowchart either the Sales or Purchasing process at your organization (or one of your choice). This documentation will provide the basis for Part 2 of the project.

  1. Begin with an introduction to your organization. Identify the type of organization (i.e., manufacturing or service). Detail briefly the products or services offered by your organization and the market niche and/or general clientele targeted/serviced.

  2. Choose to document either the Sales or Purchasing process.

  3. Create a figure of the objectives, inputs, and outputs associated with processing the business transactions for the process selected. (For examples, refer to Figure 7-8 on p. 218 for the Sales process and Figure 7-10 on p. 222 for the Purchasing process.)

  4. As an appendix, develop a system flowchart of either the Sales or Purchasing process. Make sure to follow the guidelines for drawing system flowcharts documented throughout your textbook.

  5. Conclude with a description of the business process in narrative form, explaining the objectives, events, inputs, and outputs. Make sure to reference key points in the system flowchart.

Part 1 of the project should be 6–7 double-spaced pages and will be evaluated for content and professionalism. Make sure to proofread, and then proofread again. Even ask a friend or relative to read for ease of reading and proper use of grammar/spelling. Submit via course Dropbox by the final day of the unit (i.e., Tuesday midnight).

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