5-Page Research Paper

5-Page Research Paper

1. Paper should be 5-pages min. + 1 page works cited

2. Should have at least 10 annotated sources (copy article onto word, highlight main point, write a few sentences about how it’ll help you in writing the paper at the bottom of page)


4. Use in-text citations and have organized mla format works cited page





Research Paper Outline


Title: Rebellious Libya

Thesis: The United States should not get involved with Libya’s conflicts.


        I.      Introduction:

A.      Start with the question, what is war? Explain briefly.

B.     Talk about the wars of the United States.

C.     What were the outcomes of some of those wars?

     II.      Narration:

A.     Give some background on Libya.

B.     Explain how Col. Muammar Gaddafi became the leader of Libya

C.     Talk about why the citizens of Libya want to overthrow Gaddafi.

D.     Explain why the people feel that the United States should get involved in Libya’s conflicts.

   III.      Partition:

A.     Thesis: I believe that the United States should not get involve with Libya’s conflicts.

B.     Essay Map.

1.Cost of war.

2.Using money in other Departments other defense.

3.Killing innocent civilians and soldiers.

4.Helping unknown rebels

5.Involvement of foreign wars

  IV.      Arguments:

A.     The cost of war is rising by the minute. The Obama Administration proposed a budget of $553 billion dollars for the department.

B.     Instead of spending all that money on war, we should be investing that money on health care and education.

C.     This conflict has caused the lives of many innocent civilians. NATO openly admitted to have killed innocent civilians, due to misguidance.

D.     The rebels fighting against Gaddafi are in need of military supplies. I don’t think that it is a good idea to help unknown rebels. We helped the Afghanistan rebels when they were fighting Russia. After they were victorious, they later became the “Taliban” and used those weapons to attack the US.

E.      Getting involved in foreign wars is not a good idea. The US has been involved in many foreign wars lately. These wars have been in foreign countries where Islam is the prominent religion. Libya is one of these countries. The involvement of the US in these places, builds a bad reputation worldwide and among the Muslim community.

     V.      Refutation:

A.     Gaddafi’s actions against the civilians of Libya are totally wrong. Killing your own people is bad and therefore, we should help the rebels overthrow him.

B.     Gaddafi has been in power for many years. In fact, he holds the record for most years in power in a single country. This type of power can potentially lead to corruption and mistreatment of civilians.

C.     The people of Libya deserve to have democracy. They should have the right to elect their own leader.

D.     If Al Qaeda is threatening NATO and Libyan mercenaries then we should help them fight terrorism.

  VI.      Conclusion:

A.     Summarize my arguments.

B.     State why we should not get involve with Libya’s conflicts and give possible solutions.

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