4 short answer history questions

4 short answer history questions

Why was the mujahideen able to defeat the USSR in the Soviet-Aghan War?  Be sure to give detailed reasons. (10 points)


Explain the way of thinking of the Japanese soldiers in WWII.  Give specific details that exemplify this attitude towards war. How did this attitude affect the decsions the US made during the war in the Pacific? (10 points)


Should the United States use military intervention to settle internal disputes in other countries around the world in order to ensure peace and stability in that region?  Or should we just mind our own business?  Support your point of view with detailed examples, examing at least one post Cold War conflict in which the US did or did not intervene. (10 points)


Describe the events and decisions that led to the Vietnam War and analyze the factors that contributed to the failure of the US/success of the Vietcong.

The more detail you give, the more points you’ll earn. (10 points)

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