250 words

250 Word Resoponse. Chicago Style Citing.



According to Kluver, what are the ramifications of technology and globalization on global communication?


Compare Kluver’s arguments with our readings last week on endangered languages, and with our readings about the Digital Divide.


How do they compare?


From these readings, what are the general trends of communication?






“Globalization, Informatization, and Intercultural Communication,” Kluver, Jandt pages 425-437


Jandt, Fred E. (editor) Intercultural Communication: A Global Reader. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 2004



Last weeks reading:


“Part II: Language,” Introduction, Jandt pages 99-102

“Babel Revisited,” Mühlhäusler, Jandt pages 103-107

“Africa: The Power of Speech,” Bâ, Jandt pages 108-111

“Research and Context for a Theory of Maori Schooling,” Penetito, Jandt pages 173-188

Explore www.endangeredlanguages.com and watch the video at http://youtu.be/Bn2QbwcjmOI

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