2 pags report

  1. Complete a Two-Page report on your topic. Write the report as if the audience of your paper was the class. Depending on which topic you choose, you will either be reporting on an interesting new material, or how a material is being used in a different way, or how different treatments, etc. have made additional uses for a material.


  1. Limit yourself to 2 pages, double-spaced. In addition I want a third page with some sort of picture, graph or chart that you find while doing your research that class members would find interesting. Also, I want a fourth page that is a list of the sources you used to obtain your information. You must have at least one additional source besides the ones provided in this topic list. Sources can be books (you might find some information in books in the Tech Library), magazines, websites, or conversations with real live people. Web search engines, such as: www.askjeeves.com and www.google.com, can be helpful.

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