1000 words Essay about (Rhetorical issue) with some of our technology today.


 >For example, some people saying that, technology is destroying our life or its bad for the future. However, we need to make them think the opposite, the technology  is better for the future and for our children and how it’s useful. You can mention the basic Technology TV, Cars, and PS4, SMARTPHONES etc.,. Please I want u to mention smart phone.


So the idea of this essay is to convince the people with the rhetorical issue who think technology is bad thing for our life. Also explain for them how its useful so they like it.


You can write the people opinion how they don’t like it and why.



>Please the essay should include 3 sources at least.




>PLEASE PLEASE PLAESE I am an International student so I want the essay to be in SIMPLE English please (high school level).



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