1 Fully Documented ERD Database Systems

Once requirements analysis is completed, the first step in database design can be completed. This step is the conceptual model (or entity relationship diagram). Using any modeling tool you choose (MS Access, SmartDraw, Visio, Erwin, or even PowerPoint or Word), create an entity-relationship diagram (ERD) from the entity and attributes list for the database project you selected similar to what you did in the Discussion Board this week. Your submission should ensure the following:


All entities and attributes are identifiedAll relationships between entities are defined (including proper relation semantics)Add your ERD as a screenshot from the template started in Week 1, and provide supporting discussion about how the relationships were established and determined.Add the ERD and discussion to the section in your template titled: The Entity Relationship Diagram.Update the TOC to reflect the new section.Name the document CS251__IP2.doc.Submit the document for grading.


Please submit your assignment.


For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources. 

Date Due:Monday, Apr 20, 2015 Objective:Create conceptual data models using Entity-Relationship modeling techniques.

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