1: Analyze MVPI

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1: Analyze MVPI


The motives, values, and preferences inventory (MVPI) is used to identify the motives and values most important to an individual. Understanding the personal values of the individuals who make up a team can be useful in understanding the team dynamics and help a manager build and sustain teamwork within the organization.


•Refer to the 10 core values (listed below) evaluated on the MVPI.


•Rank order the traits according to the value you assign to them, with 1 being the trait you value the most in a team member and 10 being the trait you value the least.


•Explain the rationale for your ranking. Give an example of each trait drawn from your experience or observations.


MVPI Values


  1. Recognition:
    Desire for attention, approval, and praise
  2. Power:
    Desire for success, accomplishment, status, competition, and control
  3. Hedonism:
    Desire for fun, pleasure, and recreation
  4. Altruism:
    Concern about the welfare of others and contribution to a better society
  5. Affiliation:
    Desire for enjoyment of social interaction
  6. Tradition:
    Concern for established values of conduct
  7. Security:
    Desire for certainty, order, and predictability in employment and finance
  8. Science: quest for knowledge, research, technology, and data
  9. Aesthetics: need for self-expression, concern over look, feel, and design of work products
  10. Commerce: interest in money, profits, investment, and business opportunities


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